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  • Opp. Galaxy Coral Bunglows, Near Galaxy Ground, RTO Road, Vastral, Ahmedabad


Mentor each child to face the globalised challenges.


We prepare our students to be
  • a risk taker
  • thinker
  • an inquirer
We build a leader through
  • ethical learning
  • decision making
  • team work
We encourage communication network through
  • precision
  • clarity
  • ¬†independence

Advantages at School

  • We create a positive learning environment in which Preschool age children can grow and prosper.
  • Recognition to each child which helps to develop self-confidence.
  • Stress-free learning environment.
  • Well designed curriculum.
  • Child-Friendly Class Rooms.
  • Create a community of learners.

Tips of Parenting

  • Parents are children’s first teachers.
  • Parents provide the foundation to the child.
  • Children are greatly benefited by the love, support and bonding with parents at home.
  • It is important that schools form partnership with parents to promote the social, emotional and academic growth of children.
  • Make your child aware that school is a wonderful place to learn.
  • School is a scientific landmark in the development of the child.